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Europe Visa Best travel agent in pitampura delhi

Dreaming of a European adventure? AplusHolidays is here to simplify your Schengen visa application!

Steps to Apply:

  1. Select Visa Type: Whether for tourism, business, studies, visiting, or transit.
  2. Identify Main Destination: Apply through the consulate of the country you’ll spend the most time in.
  3. Prepare Documents: Fill out the application form, get recent photos, ensure your passport is valid, arrange your travel itinerary and insurance, provide financial proof, and write a cover letter.
  4. Schedule Appointment: We can assist in booking your appointment.
  5. Attend Appointment: Submit your documents, provide biometrics, and pay the visa fee.
  6. Processing Time: Apply at least 15 days before your trip.
  7. Collect Visa: Once approved, verify the details on your visa.

Why Choose AplusHolidays?

  • Professional guidance
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Document review
  • Customized travel packages

Reach out to AplusHolidays today to make your Europe trip a reality!

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